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RIP Rohan

My family had to say goodbye to our sweet boy this morning. We got the diagnosis yesterday and spent his last day showering him with love and affection. This morning we took turns feeding him bacon and doggie bakery treats. Our home won’t be the same without you, bud. You will be sorely missed.


Every time I open my laptop. [x]


Every time I open my laptop. [x]

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Pick a star…

The phrase “looking for a needle in a haystack” should be replaced with “looking for a very specific #Lego piece in a sea of Lego pieces.”

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We mourn the loss of our friend Robin Williams, who always made us laugh and smile.

This one hurts. RIP Robin.



Iron Giant for @Sketch_Dailies.


It would be an awesome an ironic form of civil disobedience if any woman looking to have a baby in the next year or two got a job at Hobby Lobby so their insurance would pay for the delivery.


So stoked about the Hobby Lobby ruling today. Officially going to incorporate myself so I can get a religious exemption for my student loans debt they violate my deeply held religious conviction that all debts are supposed to be forgiven every seven years, as per the book of Deuteronomy.

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Celebrating the Spurs championship with a bottle of Canadian beer. #gospursgo (at Robson Street)

Bacon in Canada is just called “bacon”…not “American Bacon”. #mindBlown #WTF (at Vancouver Canada)

I’m re-binge watching BSG. Laura Roslin is Abraham FUCKING Lincoln!!

LOVED this scene. Singer and the cast nailed it.

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#gospursgo (at AT&T Center)